Printmaking Overview

                     INTAGLIO (Printmaking)


A clearer PDF version can be viewed here INTAGLIO printing techniques tree


                                                                                        Type of mark

ETCHING                                                                         Hard line                                                                  ENGRAVING

(With acid)                                                                                                                                                      (Without acid)




Hard Ground Etching                                                                                                                                Line Engraving

Coating the plate with a hard                                                                            Pushing an engraving tool, called

acid resist that you can scrape                                                                       a burin, to cut s line into the plate.

through allowing the acid to                                                                                      Any burr produced is cut off.

etch your marks.




Soft Ground Etching                                               Soft line                                                                              Drypoint

Coating the plate with a soft                                                                                 Drawing directly onto the plate

acid resist that you can draw                                                                                 with a very sharp point, usually

through paper or push things into,                                                                        with a pulling action. The burr

removing part of the ground                                                                             displaced from the line is left on.

allowing the acid to etch your marks




Aquatint                                                                           Tone                                                                             Mezzotint

Coating the plate with a porous acid                                                                   Using a mezzotint tool called a

resist that allows the acid to etch                                                                       rocker, to rough up the surface

a tone except where you prevent                                                                    of the plate so that it will print a

it by applying a total acid resist.                                                                    rich velvety black all over and then

                                                                                                                                    scraping, burnishing and polishing

                                                                                                                                      the plate back to make your grey

                                                                                                                                                                       and white tones



Using light to expose a photographic

positive to a photosensitive coating,

called an emulsion, that is covering the plate.

The emulsion becomes an acid resist when

hardened by light.


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